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Helping Event Planners Build Profitable, Six Figure Businesses with a Part Time Schedule.

1. Marketing

We show experienced event planners how to attract high-end and luxury clients in your local market consistently.

2. Sales

We give you the coaching, tools and templates to take interested couples and organizations from interested to booked.

3. Optimizing & increasing Capacity

We help you optimize your business so you have the capacity to bring in six-figures part-time.

Why We Do It

We’re on a mission to increase the average income of event planners everywhere! We are leaders. We arrive first and leave last. We bring multiple assistants. And we assist or our clients for months/years before the event and weeks after. We keep all of the vendor team members on track during event days. But even after all this work, far too often we are paid the least on the vendor team. It’s time to change this.


After all the work and sacrifices we make, we deserve to be paid adequately, and to work with clients who appreciate all we do for them.


We’re here to change the status quo. We’re here to develop Event Planners who Profit without sacrificing their personal lives, dignity or sanity. If you’re ready for the transformation. This is your time to join us!

Work With us

Planners who Profit Program Stats

Some statistics to give you an idea of what to expect when you work with us:

  •  Clients on average make an average of $10,000-20,000 in additional sales within 60 days of implementing the PWP methods
  • Clients on average make it to the first page of Google and/or get their first lead from Google search within 60-90 days of working with us
  • Clients on average are able to increase their rates by at least 30% within a month of working with us to restructure and reposition packages. And on average book their first client at the new price point within 30-60 days
  • Our clients in the Six Figure Club all made it while working part time in their business
  • Clients on average get their work featured in the press within 6 months of working with us
  • Clients all report that the program increased their capacity – giving them the tools to do more in less time, allowing them to take on more clients and make more money while working fewer hours
  • 60% of our clients are mothers of young children and are able to incorporate the program work into their busy schedules and get results

Client Testimonials

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Feyisola Ogunfemi the founder of Statuesque Events and I’m on a mission to help 1000 event planners grow their businesses from passion projects to profitable businesses that pay a monthly salary. I’ve been listed as one of the most influential event planners in the country by Bizbash and want to open the doors to other wedding planners to achieve similar accolades in our industry.

I’m a Computer Engineer and Project Manager turned Event Planner who helps event planners market for sales, close sales and refine business processes to save time while making more money.

At the start of my career, I did all the “right things.” I enrolled in NYU’s prestigious event management program, volunteered at events and attended all of the networking events. I attended conferences and seminars that shared bits and pieces of high level information that still left me stuck and with many questions on how to make it all happen.

That was, until I dug deep and built my own business systems to market my business, close sales with my ideal clients and run a successful, profitable business while working just a few hours a day, which I did for years while also managing a demanding tech management job.

Fast forward to today, I’ve built a solid business with team of associate planners which demands 5-figure wedding planning rates for our packages and averages $25K+ sales months.

For the past few years, I’ve coached creatives and wedding planners on how to do the same, and have gathered the best of this information into my signature program, Planners who Profit.

This is For you If..............

  • You are an experienced event planner (ie you have experience planning events from start to finish)
  • You value being paid and purposeful over booked and busy
  • You’re ready for repeatable systems so that every new wedding project takes less time than the last, instead of taking all of your time and energy away from the people and things you love.
  • You believe your services are worth $5000-$15,000 for full service planning, and are ready to attract clients who value you just as highly
  • You’re ready to build a six-figure business working under 18 events per year
  • You’re ready to build a rockstar team of assistant planners & associate planners so that you can show up as a leader vs hustling through events.